What are the advantages of using an outdoor power bank?

No matter where you are, as long as you bring an outdoor power bank, you can charge it at any time, and you don’t have to worry about your power being insufficient, so you can play casually. , let go of your heart and play, you don’t have to worry about your battery at all.

The outdoor portable power bank has the incomparable advantages of other mobile power supplies:

1.Its capacity can hold many portable power banks, and the battery capacity is very large, which is proportional to its size and is very light;

2.It can receive multiple portable power banks at the same time;

3. It has the necessary protection performance of waterproof and dust-proof, drop, vibration, high temperature, high humidity, etc., which can completely prevent your outdoor mobile power from accidentally falling bump bump.

Disadvantages of outdoor power bank:

1. Do not charge the outdoor power supply in a place with high temperature, which will consume the life of the outdoor mobile power battery and damage the outdoor mobile power battery;

2. It should not be placed in a place where the temperature is too low, because there will be cold air in the place where the temperature is too cold. Once the cold air enters the interior of our mobile power supply, the internal temperature will be too high, causing it to generate some cold air inside, which will cause destroy its circuit board.

Tips: When the portable power bank is out of power, try to fully charge it, because if you take it out and charge it when the mobile power supply is not fully charged, it will cause the battery of the portable power bank to drain quickly and the current will be cut off. In addition, there will be a situation of slow charging, so it is best to wait for the portable power bank to be fully charged before going out for travel, which can protect our outdoor power bank from unnecessary damage.

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