How to choose an outdoor power station?

Choose an outdoor power station ,mainly look at two points: power capacity and power. The capacity of the power supply determines the length of available electricity. The power of the power station determines the types of electrical appliances that can be used. For example, an outdoor power supply with a rated power of 1000W can drive electrical appliances below 1000W.

The use of outdoor power station scenarios can generally be divided into two types: leisure camping and self-driving travel.

Recreational Camping:

For a 1-2 day camping home, the number of users is generally 3-5. Possible electrical equipment: mobile phone, stereo, projector, camera, Switch, electric fan, etc. Because the camping time is short (two days and one night), and the demand for electricity is not strong, it only needs to meet some entertainment electronic equipment, so choose a mobile power supply below 600W.

Travel by car:

The travel time is long, and the use of electronic equipment is more abundant, which can include: car refrigerators, rice cookers, water heaters, computers, drones, cameras and other high-power electrical appliances. Therefore, choose a mobile power supply of more than 1000W.


Lithium battery, small size, light weight, convenient for daily carrying.

Charging interface:

Usually consists of a rectangular block with one or more USB ports, an LED battery indicator, and an input for charging the battery. Multiple ports solve the problem of charging different devices.

The most important thing is to choose a mobile energy storage power source that suits you.

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