How to choose an outdoor power station?

1. Power

The more power you have, the more electronics you can power and the more you can do outdoors. For example, if the car refrigerator has a power of 150w, it is necessary to purchase an outdoor power supply of at least 150w or more to drive the refrigerator. The following is the power reference table of each electrical appliance.

2. Battery capacity

The larger the capacity, the longer the power supply time, you can choose as big as possible.

3. Type and quantity of power supply ports

Full deployment of outdoor power supply 220v

AC port: supports most electronic devices such as sockets

USB port: supports mobile devices

Type-c: Huawei port, support laptop

DC port: straight flush port

Car charger: can be placed in the car to charge the power supply

PD, QC: Fast charging, improving the charging efficiency of mobile devices. Compared with QC fast charging, PD fast charging is compatible with many mobile phone protocols, and at the same time, it does not damage the battery and does not heat up when charging.

4. Charging efficiency

The charging efficiency of outdoor power supply is reflected by the charging method and charging speed. Mainstream products can use sockets, car chargers and solar panels to charge themselves.

5. Bonus function

In addition to charging, some outdoor power supplies are also equipped with LED lights and soft lights;Some can be monitored in real time and remotely switched on and off through the mobile phone APP;Some support wireless charging and so on.

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