How long is the life of an outdoor power supply?

Due to the impact of the epidemic restrictions on travel, more and more people are joining the camping brigade, and now camping is basically seen as the primary choice for family and friends gatherings and parent-child entertainment. At the same time, the camping industry is heating up the surrounding industries, from camp accommodation to small tables and chairs for outdoor charging, giving rise to a large number of popular new categories, outdoor mobile power is one of the new categories of explosive growth. Whether it is outdoor camping, friends gathering or field shooting and other outdoor activities, you can see the shadow of outdoor mobile power.

So as a user of outdoor power or consumers who are about to buy outdoor power do you know the life span of outdoor power? How many years does an outdoor power supply last? How to calculate the battery life of outdoor power? Is the cycle to the marked number of times is not the end of life? While charging while using the calculation cycle? These questions about outdoor power supply you must want to know the answer, the next look together!

First of all, how long is the life of lithium batteries?

Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are light in weight and large capacity. The current life of lithium batteries is still available after 1500-2000 cycles, and the capacity is still greater than 80% of the initial capacity. At the same time, with the continuous development and progress of lithium technology, lithium battery cycle life will be longer, just like SHINE ERA’s SE-04 outdoor with high-security solid-state lithium cells, can ensure that after 1500 cycles, the capacity is still greater than 80% of the initial capacity!

The battery has a cycle life, so charging while using repeated cycles?

Lithium batteries do not have a memory effect, that is, only after a complete charge and discharge is considered a use cycle, side use is within the normal range of use, can not be considered repeated cycles, so no need to worry.

After 1500 cycles, can the power supply still be used normally?

In fact, lithium battery products in each cycle after the completion of the charge and discharge cycle, the battery capacity will be relatively reduced a little, but the reduction in battery capacity is very small, even after 1,500 cycles, will only reduce the capacity of the battery, and will not be scrapped, and will not affect the normal performance of high-frequency electricity can be assured.

How to make the life of the outdoor power supply longer?

Infrequent use of the case need to maintain regular charging, do not let the power supply in a long-term deficit state so that the battery aging affects life; frequent use to maintain shallow charge shallow discharge, shallow charge is not too full when charging, up to 90% of the power can stop charging; shallow discharge is not to wait for the power to run out and then charge, when the power is less than 20%-30% can be charged. At the same time do not charge too full for a long time as well as the loss of power affects the battery life.

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