Does a solar panel work on a cloudy day?

Most modern photovoltaic or Monocrystalline solar panels will work perfectly fine on wintery cloudy days but you will notice a depreciation of output between 10-25%. You may also be surprised to see less depreciation in output after rain simply because the rain will wash away any obscuring dirt, keeping your solar panels in optimal condition.

  • Do solar panels work through glass?

Although sunlight will pass through a window, hit the solar panel and generate energy, you will lose around 50-70% of output compared to having your solar panel in direct sunlight. Always try to keep your solar panels outside and in a place which has the most hours of direct sunlight to achieve optimal performance. One of the benefits of having a portable solar power station is that you can charge it outside until fully charged and take it inside to power your devices, disconnected from the solar panel. The higher the watts per hour will power your device(s) for longer.

  • Can I charge my EV with portable solar power bank?

Technically yes you can but you would need at least 2000Wh and don’t expect to get any more than a couple of miles added to your car. Charging your EV via solar panels requires a complete home setup running roughly a 4KWh system with around 20 x 300 watt roof solar panels. To charge your EV via solar panels you require a lot of space for the panels and a large storage battery and inverter. Portable power stations are simply not made for EV charging.

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