Advantages and application of the portable multifunctional mobile energy storage power supply

When it comes to portable UPS storage power supply, I believe we are not unfamiliar with it, it is a kind of UPS in outdoor emergency can be mobile power supply, carry very convenient, so in the outdoor loved by customers.

I. Advantages of outdoor portable energy storage power supply.

Lithium-ion battery portable UPS power, light and portable, beautiful appearance, built-in high-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery pack, long-lasting, full of power, is a very convenient online backup mobile power supply.

The portable UPS is safe and environmentally friendly, with a pure sine wave output of 220V/110V AC, making it your first choice for home travel, outdoor office and outdoor work backup mobile power.

Trolley case design, lightweight and portable, can be moved at any time, quick disassembly and assembly, the load is very large. Apply the lithium-ion battery to the outdoor emergency power system, can load power up to more than 300 watts.

The product is light weight, high capacity, high power, unique 48VDC & 220VAC two voltage output, AC100V ~ 240V output, output power up to 6000W.

The portable energy storage power supply has four major protections, cared for with care, with unique overvoltage, overload and short circuit protection design, overload / overcurrent / overcharge / overdischarge protection. With online switching function, the desktop computer power cord into the portable UPS products, and then by the AC line connected to the mains socket to run the computer, a sudden power failure quickly switch to the power supply internal battery to power the equipment.

Second, the scope of application of portable energy storage power supply, light and convenient, true bi-directional, true fast charging, light weight, small size, high power

Outdoor mobile portable energy storage power supply is especially suitable for mobile communication, emergency equipment power supply and charging; suitable for various brands of mobile phones, televisions, energy-saving lamps, notebook computers, digital appliances, outdoor office, field photography, outdoor construction, backup power supply, emergency power supply, fire rescue, disaster relief, car start, digital charging, mobile power, etc. Can also be used in the absence of electricity in mountainous areas, pasture, field trips, out It can also be used in mountainous areas without electricity, herding areas, field trips, outings, tourism and leisure, or in cars and boats as DC and AC power supplies. It has a wide range of uses.

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